Memory Lane: Our Wedding Day

August 23, 1997 was our wedding day. Eleven years and four babies later I'm still happy to be married to this man. I'm a lucky girl.

The day before our wedding, we did the rehearsal dinner at a lakeside supper club in Wisconsin. (We live in Idaho, but married in Wisconsin so we could have as much extended family there as possible). Here we are in all our cheesy glory outside the supper club before we ate dinner...supper...whatever they call it in the Midwest! Aren't we so sweet you could just gag?!

With my hubby involved, things never stay serious for long though. This is more our style. He better marry me soon or people are gonna start talkin'!

Our wedding day was perfect. It was hot and humid and stressful and busy...but perfect. I loved our wedding. It was so beautiful and emotional. Everyone we loved was there to celebrate with us, and it felt so *right* to be standing before God and promising to be true to the amazing man He'd given me.

I grew up Catholic...sometimes I love the ceremony that goes with the Catholic church. We're not Catholic anymore, and I miss some of the tradition and ritual. Our wedding in this beautiful Catholic church with tall stained glass windows was so precious to me.

Here we are Mr. and Mrs. Dear Hubby! One of my happiest moments ever :)

Here's us coming out of the church after we finally got my dress all bustled up. Man, that dress was heavy...but so beautiful! The little guy holding the door for us was our ring bearer. He's about 6'6" now!

The ceremony was over, but it wasn't quite time to go to the club for the reception, so we went to my folks' house to start celebrating. Our families...they know how to party!

Wasn't our cake beautiful? Maybe you can't see it very well in the picture. Believe me, it was beautiful (and yummy!).

If you're reading this, my amazing man...I love you! I'm so happy, blessed, thankful, joyful, and proud to be Mrs. YOU! :) Happy Anniversary.

Aimz  – (8/22/2008 09:20:00 PM)  

awww beautiful story! Happy Anniversary :-)

Becky Avella  – (8/22/2008 10:19:00 PM)  

Happy Anniversary! Love you guys!

Anonymous –   – (8/23/2008 02:48:00 PM)  

Have a blessed anniversary and many more years of happiness. Congratulations!

Peggy  – (8/23/2008 07:33:00 PM)  

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos and accompanying story! Hope you put away your snuggle bugs and had some special time together! Many blessings and many more years to share them altogether!

Anonymous –   – (8/23/2008 08:16:00 PM)  

Happy Anniversary dear neigbors!


Anonymous –   – (8/23/2008 08:17:00 PM)  

oops! I need a spell checker!


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