Hello, My Pretty

Have you ever seen such beauty?

This, my friends, is what a terabyte looks like...otherwise known as a trillion bytes, or 1,000 gigabytes. And it makes me very, very, very happy!

I bought this at Costco tonight for $200. A friend tells me I should have held out until the price went down...but I needed space NOW. And I don't think $200 is all that bad for a thousand GB!!! Yeehawww!

Aimz  – (8/16/2008 03:28:00 PM)  

wow 1000GB? You did get a good deal!

The Mom  – (8/17/2008 04:11:00 PM)  

Dang! I still remember our very first computer after I got married. It cost us $2200 and came with 4MB of memory. Yes, I said that right...4MB. And we paid another $200 for 4MB more. We thought we were getting a steal! Who knew I would look back and laugh!

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