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I just wanted to tell you what an amazing and surprising moment I had this morning. I went over to visit my bloggy buddy Amy at her blog, My Tudor House, just now.

Typically, when a blog has music playing when I open it, it's an automatic thing for me...I navigate away. I don't like to be blasted by someone else's music. But this morning? Different story. Amy's most recent post is asking us, "what has God been reminding you of?" My answer? God reminded me of the importance of worship.

I haven't been to church in a while because I'm always having to work in the nursery to keep Thomas happy. Worship was always my most favorite part - a real time of connecting with the Lord. I've been missing it terribly, and didn't even realize it.

So today, when I clicked over to Amy's blog I was surprised. Surprised by how powerfully her message hit me, and even more surprised by how the music she has playing touched my heart. I just closed my eyes, sang along to the music, and had a little church right here in my office!

Go over and see Amy today...take a look around at her delightful blog...and enjoy the music.

Thanks, Amy, for the blessing :)

Amy  – (8/20/2008 06:27:00 PM)  

awww ├Żou're such a sweetie! Thank you :-)
btw I really feel humble now...
btw I haven't been to church for a while now - my own stubbornness really but I feel prompted to now.

a  – (8/20/2008 07:40:00 PM)  

I second the need for worship (and how easy it is to get away from that time with little ones). I find the few Sundays where I get to stay in the sanctuary the entire time are few and far between, but they are so precious! (Of course, everything is a season...including being distracted by keeping little ones happy in the nursery, and I do love this season for so many reasons!)

Sheila Hill  – (8/20/2008 09:04:00 PM)  

just wanted to let you know I gave you an award today. Check it out at my blog.
Frugal Georgia Mom

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