Recovering From Recovering

How can vacation be so relaxing, so fun, so peaceful...and so exhausting at the same time?

Well, part of the reason I'm sure, is the fact that our plane didn't touch down in Boise until about 1:30 last night. That's AM. As in the middle of the night. And that was after lots of crying and whining and barfing on the airplane by my kiddos.

And I'm sure that another part of the reason was that Thomas was a very excited vacationer. So excited to get a start on the day was he, that he was up at 5:00 each morning and ready to go.

There has to be a better way to travel than by airplane. Really...why, in this modern age, can we not get the teleporting thing figured out? Beam me to Wisconsin, please. Okay, now beam a cleaning lady to my house while I'm away. Alright, beam me back to Idaho now.

So we're taking the day to recover from our vacation today. We slept in (past 5 at least). We were in our jammies until almost noon (okay, I was in my jammies, my kids went outside to play). We're taking naps.

I hope to sort through some of the 300 or so photos soon so I can show you (you only wish I was kidding!).

And by the way...I love you. Each and every one of you who actually visited me and left me comments while I was away. It just made my day to see comments from my bloggy friends who visited even though I was away and not able to respond. At some point while I was away, I actually had my 20,000th visitor! That might call for a celebration or giveaway of some sort. Stay tuned... :)

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