My Clara...

"Mommy, what are these?"
"Those are little chocolate candies."
"There aren't very many."
"Why do you say that?"
"Well, the box is so small."
"Oh, well, the candies are small too."

(long pause as she considers)
"I see. The candies are small, so you can eat as many as you want!"

That's my girl.

Miki  – (7/26/2008 12:22:00 AM)  

Don't we wish we would be small too after we ate all of them? A girl can wish can't she?

Anonymous –   – (7/26/2008 03:53:00 AM)  

Wishful thinking lol


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace  – (7/26/2008 09:23:00 PM)  

Hey, hey, a girl after my own heart. I am glad you are raising her right!!!

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