This Week's STLS Topic

Just a quick reminder that I have a little blurb in my left sidebar with the week's Seek The Lord Sunday topic. I try to get it up by Monday or Tuesday so that you all have time to think and pray about what you want to write (or to write early if you want to).

This week's topic is : Is there a verse or chapter (or book) from the Bible that you struggle to understand or come to peace with? Tell us about it and why it concerns you. My hope is that we can help each other work through these difficulties.

My most sincere thanks to all of you who have been participating. I'm really enjoying getting to know you all better as sisters in the Lord (but I'd love to have some men weigh in too...this isn't a girls only thing). Tell your friends about STLS...let's really get this discussion going!

Oh, and by the way, if you'd like to use my STLS button on your site, feel free to grab it. Simply right click on it, click "save to computer", and then upload it as a photo into your blog posts. Here it is:

It's not linked to anything...just a picture. I'm working on getting it linked up to some STLS info.

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