My vacuum cleaner, that is. I turned it on this morning, it sort of flickered on and then off and then on again...and then it started emitting a stinky smelling smoke. Smoke!

I called my vacuum cleaner savior/repairman (is it bad that I have a vacuum guy?), and when I described what was going on he said, "Yeah, um, smoke is generally not a good thing."

He's really great with vacuums. Promise.

As if I needed more to do today! We're headed to Wisconsin bright and early this Saturday morning. It turns out that planning, packing, organizing, and washing for 6 people is a big job. Especially when I'm trying to actually care for 5 of said people while getting ready (hubby is on a business trip).

There's progress, at least. Hubby is all packed and ready to go. He does his own packing. I know lots of couples where the wife packs for hubby too...not around here. It just works better when he does it himself.

And the kids' clothes is packed. Yes, all 4 kids!

So now I'm down to my clothes, the carry-on stuff, and the "miscellaneous" stuff. You know, stuff like sun screen, swim diapers, a night light, a baby monitor, medication, toothbrushes...stuff. The stuff that makes packing so dang hard. The stuff that pops into my brain just as I'm dozing off so that I have to jump out of bed and either throw it in a suitcase right then or put it on "THE LIST".

I love vacation. I especially love this particular annual trip to my parents' cottage. But, oh, how I hate, hate, HATE to pack!

And besides that, I feel like a boy today. My hair is too short and too brown. I know, Hubby, you're rolling your eyes right now. What can I say, though? This is the life you signed up for with me. Sucks to be you, pal! ;)

I'm off to procrastinate some more. Have a great day everyone!

P.S. I don't think I'll have access to a computer at the cottage, but I've scheduled a few fun posts to publish while I'm away :)

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your hair is not to short and not to brown- YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!!!
Your refrigerator looks like you are loved and it sounds like you need a vacation. Please come to Wisconsin for a LONG trip!!!


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