We Pulled That Tooth Right Out!

Benjamin had been wiggling a loose tooth for days...but it seemed like mere decades. It was bothering him, and it was grossing me out. So...we yanked it out! I'm so thankful that we thought to get it on film. I just love the look on his face when he sees his tooth hanging on that piece of string!

Amanda  – (5/19/2008 09:18:00 AM)  

Congratulations, Benjamin!

Just what does the Tooth Fairy pay these days, anyway?

Crystal  – (5/19/2008 11:29:00 AM)  

Our, Grace just lost hers as well. She has lost a total of three so far. Our tooth fairy pays a buck a tooth. How about you? Am I paying too much?

Daiquiri  – (5/19/2008 11:58:00 AM)  

The tooth fairy does a buck a tooth around here too. This last time, he got one of the neat new golden presidential dollars (coin). Pretty special :)

Becky Avella  – (5/19/2008 09:33:00 PM)  

The Tooth Fairy pays a buck a tooth here, too. She will be paying a visit to our house tonight. I'm glad to hear that the tooth fairy is being fair. : )

Anonymous –   – (5/19/2008 10:28:00 PM)  

I've had teeth (not my own!) falling out left, right and center and our house too. Three in the last week alone with a fourth on its way (that's spread between two kids, LOL)

What a cute video :)


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