Tee-Ball Grand Finale

Well, Ben's tee-ball season is over. Here are some shots of his last game and awards ceremony. I'm so proud of my little man!

Here's Ben grabbing a grounder. He's become quite the little fielder. He grabs that ball, and actually throws a pretty straight shot to first base. The little girl at first needed to pay attention or else catch a ball in the head!

I had to include this shot, because it highlights one of the things about tee-ball that most alarmed and surprised me: when that ball is hit, every kid in the field goes running for it. And no, they do not allow the first kid who gets to it to grab it and try to make the play. The tackle each other for it! The wrestle and fight for that ball! There are still a few nuances to the game for them to learn...

Here's our little ball player:

Getting ready for his turn at bat:

Look at that look of determination and focus. Wait...are his eyes even open??

I guess so! What a little stud.

I thought this was precious. It was particularly windy and cold that night. Here's my hubby with a protective arm around my boy. I always thought he'd make a good daddy, but I really had no idea...

Oh! I've been caught staring! My men...be still my little heart!

After the game, everyone headed to a local Dairy Queen for treats and awards. My girls were sure enjoying their cones. Clara got a little too enthusiastic though, and stuck her finger right through the cone. Better eat fast now, Clara!

I'm quite certain that Sammy ended up with more ice cream on her chin and down the front of her shirt than she did in her belly.

Now, for those of you who know my Benjamin and his passion for ice cream, you know that this following picture is evidence of a rare miracle. When Benjamin saw his coach stand up and realized that there were actual trophies being handed out...he put his ice cream down...and was just chompin' at the bit to get his little mitts on his prize!

Okay...got the trophy...back to the ice cream!

Here's Benjamin and yours truly. This is one of those pictures of me that I look at and say, "Is that what I look like? Is that what people see when they look at me? I need more makeup...or sleep...or something!"

I'm so proud of him! Now just to figure out a way to get him to sleep and eat and bathe with that trophy in his hand...because I don't think he's putting it down any time soon!

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