Please...Let Me Be The Mommy!

Have I mentioned yet that I'm pretty sure that I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? No joke! By the end of the day I have shooting pains from my neck to my finger tips, and the palm of my right hand is just throbbing. I think it's from mouse-clicking all the time. Or maybe it's from wagging my finger back and forth as I scold my kids ;)

Seriously though...something is going on. It's quite the crisis for me! This computer stuff is my very sanity! What can I do? Avoid the computer?! Ha!

The only reason I mention it is to explain the drop in my writing. I used to get an idea, run to the computer, and by the end of the day I'd have 3 or 4 posts published! But now? Well, I've had to just do one and then step (drag myself) away from the computer.


On another note, I wanted to share a brief "lesson from the kids" today. Why do I always tend to do these on Friday, I wonder??

My sweet Clara Rose...bless her curious, energetic, helpful heart. She is constantly wanting to take care of things for me when it comes to mothering the little ones. She scolds Sammy, she tends to Thomas, she fetches the nail clippers and diaper ointment for me, and she kisses owies. She will be an amazing mommy some day.

But for now...she's pretty much driving me crazy!

I know she has a willing and helpful heart when she "helps", but it usually causes more trouble than not. Thomas ends up crying. Sammy ends up frustrated and screaming. The milk gets spilled. Samantha is confused by getting her marching orders from more than one "mom". What to do?

I've found myself saying the same thing over and over lately, "Clara, please just let me be the mommy, okay?"

Well, after a week like I had this week...working double time to get pretty much nothing done...I feel like I'm the one working hard only to wind up with spilled milk and a scolding! Ever had a week or a day like that? Every single thing you try to do is just so much WORK...only to have it backfire anyway??

As I was again reminding Clara to "let me be the mommy" this morning, I felt that still small voice speaking to my heart, "And you, my love, just need to let me be the Daddy!"

I realized then just how little time I had spent in conversation with the Lord lately. Ahh, when will I learn?

So this weekend is, for me, a time to reconnect. A time to just rest in the fact that He is the Daddy. He is the one responsible for taking care of things, for getting the work done, for healing hurts, and for providing the necessities. I don't have to work so hard. This weekend, I'm going to focus on letting him be the Daddy.
Don't forget to come by Sunday and participate in "Seek The Lord Sunday". See you then...

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Do you have one of those squishy wrist cushions for the keyboard and mouse? When I was feeling the pain in college those helped immensely. Good luck =)

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