The One Sling I Couldn't Live Without

When I was pregnant with Thomas, I started feeling all anxious and sentimental that he would be my last baby. I felt like maybe I would just never ever...ever...let him out of my arms since he would be, well, my last baby.

I saw a woman wearing the New Native Baby Sling in the store one day, and I knew I had to have one. It would be the perfect thing to enable me to keep my babe in my arms until he turned, oh...36 or so.

The first time I carried him in it was when he was about a week old. I had to gasp! It felt like being pregnant again. Except without the swollen ankles. Or the heartburn. Thomas spent a lot of his new-babyhood in that sling. Here he is when he was about 2 months old:

He'd get all snuggled in, and just crash. I had my hand free. I had a happy baby. And most of all, he was close to me.

Here's me steam cleaning the carpet after the dang dog...oh, never mind. The point is, hands...I could get stuff done even while holding my precious babe. And even though I was still supposed to be taking it kinda easy. And even though I was still wearing nothing but maternity clothes.

And here we are two months later, so Thomas was about 4 months old. And look! I'm wearing my normal jeans! Yahoo! That reminds me...the sling is also really nice because it hangs over the waistline of your pants, thereby hiding the rubber band holding your jeans together. Just you never mind. But see? Still holding baby near, and still able to care for my 3 other little monkeys.

Here he is sitting up in the sling when he was about 6 months old. I love the adaptability of this thing...Thomas no longer wants to snuggle all day long. He wants to look around and grab and interact. He can still do that in this sling. And I can still slip him little nibbles of my ice cream. I'm worried about him after all. I mean look at him...he's practically wasting away to nothing!

Lest you think I never put him down, here's proof. It's not an excuse to show cute happy baby bottom pictures. It's not. It's NOT, I tell you! See...proof....there's the sling in the background. See? This IS a sling related picture.

And so is this one...see the sling in the upper right corner. It's a great sling. I love it. You should get one.

Oh. OK. I admit it. This is a cute happy baby rear-end picture. And no. That is NOT a lifted hospital blanket he's lying on. It just looks (a lot) like one. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

And here we are using the sling in just the past couple of days. I don't use it quite as much as I once did because Thomas would rather be rolling around on the floor or sucking his toes. And even with the best sling on earth, your back is going to start aching while carrying around an 18 pound baby. The kid just has to get down from time to time. He HAS to, I tell you...

....or maybe not.

PS. I was in no way paid or encouraged to write this post by the folks at the New Native Baby Carrier Company. I really do love this sling just that much.

PPS. Folks from the NNBCC...if you'd like to pay me, I won't complain. I happily accept payments via!

Anonymous –   – (5/08/2008 07:31:00 PM)  

Awww... I just love that last picture!!

I also love my sling. Soo much easier than all those straps on my Bjorn knockoff.. and stuffs in the diaper bag easily too!

:) Marisa

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