A Little Wind & Rain...

We had an incredible storm rip through today! The wind was absolutely blasting everything in it's path. I just had to get a picture of this poor tree in our back yard...this is a pretty big tree...about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. I hope it recovers from the beating it took.

The wind brought a torrent of hail and rain too, not to mention lightning and thunder. Sammy wasn't all that impressed with all the racket, but I loved it. I guess it's the Midwest girl in me...love a good storm.

And, oh! The smell of the air after a good rain! And the amazing light through the clouds as the sun set...and all the water droplets on all the plants...a dream come true for me and my camera. I ran outside, broken toe and all, and just went nuts. Here are a few of my favorites:

The following sky pictures were not edited in Photo Shop for color at ALL. That was the true and incredible color of the sky! (I did, however, edit out an incredibly aggravating piece of lint that's stuck on either a lens or inside my camera. Can't find it... don't' get me started. Rrrr.)

By the way, could someone please tell me something? What happened to care-free childhoods? Am I the most neurotic mom out there, to the point of stunting my kids?? What about splashing around in puddles and dancing in the rain?

I just couldn't let them do it though...all I could think was "they're going to get struck by lightning!" I'm awful I know. I promise though, I'll let them splash in puddles tomorrow...maybe they can even try and rescue all the drowned worms that are sure to be on the driveway.

Excuse me while I just go get the Purell...

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Thanks for visiting today!

I love these pictures-Beautiful!!

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