It Didn't Hurt To Have Such Beautiful Subjects Either

I just thought I'd take a moment to show you my latest Adobe Lightroom Miracle. My kids and I were invited to our friend's 5th birthday party this past weekend. I brought my camera with me, hoping to get a few good shots to play with. I admit that I panicked a bit when I realized that I was the only one taking pictures...but I think I got some good ones for them.

I was especially happy with this's just so sweet. Here it is SOOC:

But LOOK!! Look what I was able to do while playing around in Lightroom!

See? Told ya...miracle!

OK, well, I'm off to try and get a paper route or lawn mowing gig or something...gotta come up with $300 to buy Lightroom when my free trial ends in less than two weeks. Wish me luck!

Angie  – (5/05/2008 10:55:00 PM)  

Oh man....those a such cute girls!! They must have a really really cool family!! :) heehee

Great pics really. You do a great job. Good luck with the $300 search.

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