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Lizzie, from "A Whisper Of Grace" just joined my new blog ring! I went to check out her site, and wow! What a treasure! Especially if you're looking for inspiration or for some great tools for growing in your faith...you just have to go pay her a visit. I'm so thrilled to have her as a member of "Christian Moms Blog Ring" :)

If you'd like to join, you can click on the tulips in my left side bar, and it will take you to where you need to go. Just scroll down, and click "Join Ring Now".

Anonymous –   – (5/17/2008 05:15:00 PM)  

Thanks for the awesome write-up! Your blog ring idea came up at just the right time. Honestly, I'm trying hard to get my new blog known to as many newbies as possible...hard for an 'unknown' amongst Bloggityville...LOL.

Ooooh, and I see you're into photography...Talented Hubby (mine, that is, LOL) would love you, he's a photo-nut. Shameless Plug: http://www.redbubble.com/people/smarti77 (his photo page on RedBubble). He's got a couple of exhibitions under his belt now and is selling some work...

I'm off to check out your photo site now... :)


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