Am I The Last One To Hear About This??

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Evidently Revolution Money Exchange (RME) has been all over the web...only I just heard about it now!

What is it? It's a FREE competitor to PayPal. You have to pay fees to use PayPal...not so with Revolution Money Exchange.

It's also easy to link your bank account to it. I plan to use this feature to transfer money between our bank accounts (for free). I'll link one bank account to my RME account, and a different account to my hubby's RME account. They're at different banks that don't transfer to each other on line, so we always have to do transfers manually by writing checks and depositing...a pain! But with RME I can simply send money to hubby or he can send money to me...transfer done. I'm all for making life easier!

The best part of signing up for RME? Until May 15th, they're giving you $25 just to sign up!! I just finished signing up, and sure enough, there is $25 in my account! To be perfectly honest, that's the reason I signed up...until I started realizing the benefits of being able to send and receive money for free. Now I'm a customer for the free service.

The second best part? If you refer other people to sign up, you'll earn another $10 per person! That's one of the reasons I'm telling you about them...please press my referral button if you'd like to sign up (green buttons on this post or in my left sidebar)! You'll get your $25 and I'll get $10. The other reason I'm telling you is because I think it's a great product, and I like to share these great things with you.

Cuz that's what I'm all

And yes. The $10 doesn't hurt! By the way, if you refer people once you've signed up, the $10 offer is for you too.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

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