Oh, How I Love Adobe Light Room!

OK everyone...if you love photography, or even like it a little bit, then you MUST, RIGHT NOW, go and get the free 30 day trial of Adobe Light Room (link is in the upper right corner under their phone number). Oh. Be still my little heart!

Light Room is from Adobe, the same folks who did Photoshop. Light Room is sort of like having your very own dark room...it's strictly for photos, where Photoshop also has some neat graphics stuff. There's a place for both, for sure. But I think Light Room is going to be my first pass editing software from here on out...that is, of course, if I can scrounge up the money to buy it when my 30 day trial runs out (looks like my new flash will have to wait a bit longer). I think It costs about $300.

I'm still trying to figure it out, but I've been having fun doing limited stuff. Some examples:

I took these shots this past weekend. This old wagon wheel along the fence with beautiful spring flowers poking through...the scene has been calling to me for weeks! I couldn't resist any longer. Grabbed the camera and took these shots (known as SOOC or straight out of camera shots):

I was happy with the composition, but the light wasn't the greatest. The whole shot was just a bit too shaded and flat. So I brought some of my favorites up in Light Room to see what I could adjust. NOW take a look:

I think that this last shot is my favorite. It has sort of a soft vintage feel that I think is so pretty! Can't you just see these photos blow up and hanging on the wall of your cottage or cabin? Or maybe my living room... :)

With software like this, I think the flash can wait...I can fix my lighting problems on the computer!

Crystal  – (4/24/2008 06:35:00 PM)  

Daiquiri, That is so cool!! Your photos were great to begin with, but I see what you mean about depth and the light being not just right. WOW!!! I want a copy of the Wagon Wheel, that is beautiful : ) The next notecards?

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