Where's The Spirituality Store??

I'm sure that there IS such a place, because I keep seeing people using the same old product. They must be getting it from somewhere.

I think that this particular product comes in powder form, and you just sprinkle it. It's called "Make the Christian Shut Up". Evidently, all a person has to do is to open the box, sprinkle some of the contents on a conversation, and see what happens. Inside, you'll find flakes of words. Some of the words are "judgemental", "self righteous", "be more open minded", and "there are lots of ways to God".

I know about this product, because I've had about 20 pounds of the garbage dumped on me in the past few days! Good thing it's a powder, and it shakes right off, or I'd be a mess.

Anonymous –   – (3/04/2008 11:45:00 AM)  

calledblst,I'm Trying to help you carry the cross of Jesus,In the Chapter 1 Discussion forum under The Thread Oprah/Tolle are Starting Their New Religion,,,,I'm gettting Flamed,,Pray for me,please The Spirit of god rest Upon You.peace markie7

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