A Recipe: Daiquiri's Amazingly Tasty Pasta

First, I have to say that it is a special skill...being able to take a photograph of food that really makes your mouth water. I don't have that particular skill.

Do you love pasta? Do you love sweet? Do you love spicy? Do you love salmon (chicken would work too)? How about a little salty? If you're having a craving, then this dish will take care of it for you!

I created this dish all by my little self, and I'm so proud of it! The problem? I've never measured the ingredients as I make it...I just "dump". I'll do my best to estimate how much of each ingredient is in there. Here goes:

Angel hair pasta- about 2 servings worth
2 Tbs minced garlic
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1/3 cup olive oil
1/2 medium red onion
1 Tbs capers
1 cup sun dried tomatoes
2 cans salmon
mushrooms - 1 can or 1/2 pound fresh
parmesan cheese
artichoke hearts (optional)

(This dish is also very yummy with no mushrooms or artichoke hearts if you prefer)

- Cook the pasta according to directions, drain and set aside.
- In a medium sized pan or skillet, add the olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Stir and heat over medium high heat until garlic is slightly brown and bubbling (this lets the flavor of the garlic and peppers incorporate into the oil). Remove from heat.
- Chop onion into medium sized pieces. Add onion to oil mixture and cook until onions are cooked too your liking (I think they're best with a little 'crunch' still in them). If you're using fresh mushrooms, add them with the onions too.
- Drain the salmon and rinse gently under hot water.
- Now just dump...add the salmon, sun dried tomatoes, capers, mushrooms (if you're using canned), and artichoke hearts. Heat over medium high heat while stirring gently (you don't want the salmon to turn to mush).
- Put pasta on a plate, and top with the "goodies" you just cooked up.
- Add some parmesan cheese, thank God that he made you with taste buds and a healthy appetite, and ENJOY!

P.S. This dish is really best if you follow it with some dark chocolate. Mmmmmm!
P.P.S. I always make a huge batch because it re-heats very well.

Becky Avella  – (3/12/2008 08:05:00 PM)  

Words can not describe how much I LOVE this meal. I can't wait to try making it. I have to agree that dark chocolate is the perfect dessert for it. The flavors are perfect for each other. Thanks for posting the recipe.

Becky Avella  – (3/19/2008 04:52:00 PM)  

I'm going to the store RIGHT now to buy what I need to make this. I'm a little nervous. I hope I can make it like you do.

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