Nothin' Good For You Today

Sorry for my absence today...I'm sure y'all missed me terribly ;)

My two little ones had to get shots today...terribly traumatic! I'm thankful that Hubby was able to take the morning off of work and go with us. Sammy started whimpering and trying to get away the moment she realized that we were at the doctor's office - poor kiddo. And my little Thomas - what a sport. All smiles and giggles...until the big stick.

I'm feeling a bit neglectful, actually. My Thomas is 5 months old, and he had is 2-month shots today. To be perfectly honest, I've been procrastinating because I'm so afraid of autism! Dang media.

I talked to the doc about it though, and he reassured me that there is absolutely NO scientific correlation between immunizations and autism. He even cited some data from European countries with national health care systems...he said their data was even better than ours since they have data on nearly 100% of their population (given the national health care system and all). I guess there (maybe) is one good thing about national health care. No, I will not be voting for Hillary.

So I let them stick my babies with all kinds of scary stuff. Ahhh...what to do though? It's a statistics game, really. It's statistically more dangerous for them to not have the immunizations. Maybe it's the engineer in me...I like data. And I guess it's the Mommy in me...I cry about it anyway.

They were troopers though. Hey, here's a tip for those of you with little ones...I brought a Life Saver for Samantha. I broke pieces off for her to suck on (trying to make the thing last - shoulda brought more than one silly little Life Saver!). It really helped calm her down for the doctor to look at her, and even helped while she was getting her shots. I'm definitely going to try and remember that for next time!

I'll write more tomorrow. I'm getting in to chapter 3 of the book I've been telling you about. Although chapter 2 was pretty good, chapter 3 is looking like it'll be even more of a disaster than chapter 1. I'll elaborate more tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone.

Oh, and by the way...please...if you have a horror story about immunizations and autism...forgive me for being so insensitive as to not let you share, but please do not tell me about it! With little ones who still need regular shots, I have to be able to sleep at night!

Hilty Sprouts  – (3/05/2008 09:17:00 PM)  

I had some of the same fears as you but came to the same conclusion. It's more dangerous NOT to get the shots. My two have come through it all just fine. It was so funny when Z. had his two year shots. When the nurse poked him with the needle he just looked up at her with a straight face and said "Ow". The nurse and I just cracked up laughing. She said that was a first for her!

Becky Avella  – (3/05/2008 10:21:00 PM)  

Jen's story made me laugh out loud because I can just see Zach doing it. : )

I'm going to try the Life Saver trick for my kiddos when we go in for shots in two weeks. I'm not looking forward to it.


Unknown  – (3/06/2008 04:55:00 AM)  

Hey, scuse me for "crashing your blog" :D Just was drawn in by your kindred spirit comment about

>>I blog primarily to keep in touch with my long distance family, to share my faith, and to keep the blood flowing to my intelligent-thought-deprived mommy brain.<<

And I'm with you on the vaccination thing :D

Like your blog!

Anonymous –   – (3/06/2008 07:26:00 AM)  

A tip for shots. At our doctor's office, they have party blowers and when the shot is given the kids blow like mad on the blower. It works like a charm...My 3 yr. old just had his shots and not one tear. Oh, and we also wait to give the MMR until 3 1/2. I've never known anyone in recent times to have Measels mumps or rebella, but know plenty of austistic children...1 in 96 boys.

Anonymous –   – (3/06/2008 09:37:00 AM)  

CAREFUL DAIQ!!! must be slipping. There isn't One good thing about national healthcare. What would your dear old dad do if such a crazy thing happens. Heck, we would probably have to sell the cottage.

Sarah M  – (3/06/2008 11:35:00 AM)  

what's so bad about national health care?

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