Calling All Christians

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord...listen up!

I believe that there is a spiritual awakening on the horizon, and I'm not so sure that is of the True kind.

Do you believe that the Bible is the literal and True Word of God?
Do you believe that Jesus is the Lord, that he died for our sins, and that he was resurrected?

If you do, then I'm calling on you to join with me, and begin her new book club. We'll be reading "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle.

I have not read the book. I'm sure that it contains at least some truth. I will keep my heart and head open to the possibility that it contains mostly or even all truth. But I'm going to read it critically. I'm going to compare it to the Bible every step of the way, and I'm hoping to be an active participant for Oprah's on line book club.

If there's going to be a large audience of people looking for spiritual truths, I want Jesus represented. Please join me.

My fear is that this is a New Age movement...not a movement toward truth at all, but a movement toward "self"...a movement away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you don't want to join me, I certainly understand. In fact, if you feel like you're not ready to be exposed to some potentially dark and deceiving stuff, then please do NOT join. This New Age stuff is very scary, and I don't blame anyone for wanting to stay away.

If you don't want to join me, please pray for me. Pray for discernment, wisdom, and protection for me and mine.

In the Lord,

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