To My Commenters:

Hey all you wonderful readers who actually leave comments! I just wanted to do a post just for you because I've been positively awful about responding to comments lately.

I want you to know that when I see a comment in my little heart! It just makes my day! Please, please, please keep them coming! I read every single solitary one, and I love them!

Can you forgive me for not responding more faithfully?

So this one is for know who you are (Misty, Marisa, Becky, Jen, Aunt B, Mom, Dad, Liz...and others!) I'm so thankful for you. Your comments make me feel like I'm actually doing something besides neglecting my family to blog! I promise to make it more of a conversation from now know, a TWO WAY conversation ;)

Stay tuned...I have a give-away in mind. I'll put something together this coming week.

Oooo, I'm so mysterious!

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