Quite The Day

Some days are just sweeter than others, don't you think? Today was one of those days...a nice combo of getting stuff done and doing absolutely nothing.

I made my muffins today...man-o-man, did I make muffins! The recipe makes 6-7 dozen muffins as is, but I doubled it. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking either. That's 14 dozen muffins. Hold on..gotta get my calculator...thats 168 muffins! That should keep us in breakfast for a while! I can fit two muffin trays in my oven at once, but I only have one muffin tray that really works for these muffins without sticking very much. They cook for 14 minutes per batch...let me get the calculator again...196 minutes of baking only. Add another 30 minutes for the actual mixing. And another 15 for the emptying and refilling of the muffin trays. 241 minutes...4 hours to make those darn muffins! I gotta go get another muffin tray.

And I gotta put my calculator away. It's just too late to be posting about anything that requires a calculator.

Ahhh, that calculator has seen it all. It's a fancy one - a Hewlett Packard 48G...QUITE the thing to have back in the day (that's 1995)! It makes me feel smart just to look at it. I was studying to be an engineer...lots of people said I couldn't do it...I needed to feel smart. It was my faithful companion all through those crazy calculus and dynamics days...and now. Well you just witnessed it. Now it calculates precisely how many muffins I baked and how long it took me. Poor thing. I should post an ad in Craig's List or something, "free to more worthy home".

What the heck am I doing up so late? I'm gonna pay for this.

Thomas has a cold. He's sleeping in his bouncy seat tonight so he can be a bit more upright and let his poor little nose drain. Man, does he get pissed when we suck out his nose! And that little guy is strong! I weighed him at 17 lb 7 oz today. Gettin' big!

Hubby got a big section of the cabinet in today - looks awesome! I can't wait for the rest of it. It just looks so nice!

We also had a nice dinner. My little Benjamin hates mashed potatoes. I keep making him try just one bite each time I serve them...hoping that he'll get used to them. But tonight he had to fight from gagging them back up. It might be a losing battle.

That reminds me...funny story...I felt strange all day today. Strange aches and pains in my chest, feeling occasionally nauseous, hot flashes. I don't know what was up. Tired? A bug? Hormones? At one point I joked to Hubby, "Hey, maybe I'm pregnant...with TWINS! Can you imagine?!" He looked at me with NO smile on his face and said, "Stop talking like that! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!"

Oh, my poor nursing baby boy...he didn't appreciate me howling with laughter while he was trying to get his mid afternoon snack!

There's no one on earth who can make me laugh like my husband. He's the best.

That reminds me...I have another great little story to tell about my hubby. I'm pooped tonight though - my pillow is calling my name. I'll share tomorrow. I think I even have video and pictures to go with it!

'till tomorrow...

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