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My friend, Becky, recently wrote a post with a great tip for organizing and storing kids' puzzles. She recommended cutting the picture from the box, and then putting it and the pieces in zipper bags. I was all over that idea! Our puzzles have been driving me crazy...the boxes are always falling apart and letting pieces sneak out. And they take up so much room for such small puzzles - just a waste!

I have to admit, it pained me quite a bit to cut the boxes. Even though they're not the most efficient and effective way to store the puzzles, there's just something so satisfyingly tidy about a BOX.

And my type A eldest child...well, when he saw that I had cut up the box for his puzzle...I didn't think he would ever speak to me again (even though we talked about it and he knew it was coming and had no much does he actually hear what I'm saying, anyway?)!!

In the end, I'm happy I did it. I plan to do it to any puzzle that is 100 pieces or less (Yes, that is an arbitrary # designed just so that I don't have to cut my boxes...wanna make somethin' of it??).

Here's a satisfying after picture. Oh! I just realized that this is the wrong after picture! I forgot to take a picture of the real "after". All the puzzles didn't fit in this small container, so I used a larger one...with a LID. Oooo...back to that wonderfully tidy box shape! You'll have to use your imagination though... I really did forget to take a picture.

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LOVE this idea and I will go home and do it tonight!!! Thanks! ;O)

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