An Ode to Hallmark...I Mean Chocolate...I Mean St. Valentine?!?

What the heck is this day all about, again?

Oh yeah, LOVE!

Ahhh, V Day (was going to call it VD, but that sounded more like something a person might catch if they were very lonely and not very careful on Valentine's Day!)

I have sweet memories of Vday as a kid. Dad always got "his girls" chocolates in those little heart shaped boxes. I can very vividly remember the sound of the packaging as I opened it, and the smell of the chocolate when the lid came off. And the mystery! What would you find with each bite? So fun!

And then, of course, there was the Vday celebration at school. It's fun to compare notes with my hubby. He was the 5th grade boy who was forced to give a Valentine to every person in his class. He'd very carefully choose the most bland cards to give the girls - didn't want to send the wrong message! He inevitably had some poor, lovesick girl following him around trying to kiss him for a month afterward.

And me? Well, I was the 5th grade girl who could not WAIT to see which Valentine that cute boy chose just for her. It was obvious by the very romantic words "Happy Valentines Day" on the card he gave her that it was Love...true love...must...kiss...that...boy!

How many times was my heart broken? Oh, at least 643 age 12.

But then...then I found my One And Only.

He was IT.

He was the man who swept me off my feet.

He was the one whose voice turned my insides to jello.

He was the one who made me feel safe and warm with those broad shoulders and strong hands.

He was the one whose name I would take.

He was the man who would father my children.

And his face.

Oh, his face.

I mean could I possibly resist this man?

"Gimme a kiss, baby!"

The kids take after him, don't you think?

Yes, that's really him! Did I mention that my One and Only also has a killer sense of humor? Oh that man can make me laugh! We've been together for over 12 years and he still surprises me!

Anyway...Here are some images from our house today: Happy Valentine's Day!

I stayed up late last night making heart shaped cut out cookies for my sweeties. I sandwiched two together with strawberry frosting in the middle. Then I topped them with cream cheese frosting, sprinkles, and initials. So fun! I can't wait to surprise the kids with them :)

We had some cookies left over. Hubby and I decorated them together. He made my favorite..the L+D...awwww.

Can you guess which chocolate, I mean cookie, I decorated?

Can you guess who did the super-duper frosting one? Yep, that would be hubby! By the way...does anyone know what "duper" means? I mean really, what a strange word!

My still my little heart!

And here's a little love for my family in good ol' Wisconsin:

Have a great day everyone!

Anonymous –   – (2/14/2008 12:13:00 PM)  

WONDERFUL! Best valentines smooch I've had yet (still have a cold so mom is staying clear).

HAPPY VALENTIMES to you guys too.



Hilty Sprouts  – (2/14/2008 09:34:00 PM)  

Oh man! That was laugh out loud funny to scroll down and see those pics of Luke after all that mushy, romantic stuff. Hee, hee, chuckle, snort!

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