No TV Sunday...

What a great day! Daddy woke up today and announced, "no TV today!" After my heart came out of shock and started to pump blood to my brain once again, I decided it was a great idea. Hey, at least he didn't announce a no TV day on a week day! Although...I have been considering putting more restrictions on the amount of TV time that happens around here. Maybe I'll start enforcing a rule that we can only watch a mere 8 hours of TV per day. Just kidding!

While I was getting ready for the day, Daddy and the kiddos went outside. I just had to grab my camera and take a picture of this little doll:

Are we desperate for spring, or what?! I can't wait for the days of bare feet, watermelon, and backyard pools!

After playing outside for a bit, we decided to head here. We got a one year membership from Aunt Michelle an Uncle Matt for Christmas - what a great gift!

Here are the kiddos...ready to go exploring:

This is one of the first things the kids saw. You sit in it, and pull on the rope hanging in front of you, and you get lifted up. When you let go of the rope you drop gently back down. It looked so fun! If there wasn't a line of 5 year olds waiting to try it, I was going to get on. Darn 5 year olds!This thing was cool. You twist the wheel at the bottom, and this giant screw-thingy (I'm pretty sure that's it's official and oh-so-technical name) threads balls up to the top, where they fall into a tube back down to you. Sammy thought it was fun:
And THIS thing! You grab the side and give it a giant spin. Then you toss little stuffed animals into it and watch them stick to the sides as it spins. It's called a "Centripetal Spinner"...also known as a "If Mommy Watches Too Long She's Gonna Puke-er": Bubbles! This was lots of fun... I DID try this one! I think that this little store was the kids' favorite. It was complete with laminated money, shopping lists, shopping carts, cash registers, scanners...even fake plastic crabs and french bread! They played here for a long time:

And the final thing we discovered? These mirrors. You stand in the center of these mirrors that are set up in a triangle, and it looks like there are about 500 people in there! After playing in there for a while, I really did feel like throwing up! My stomach just hasn't been the same since loosing my cookies (or giant red state-fair hotdog) on the "Octopus" ride back in North Dakota...

And now Daddy and the big kids are taking a bike ride, and the little ones are napping. It's almost 50 degrees here today! Remember in my "100 things" post, when I said that there are some days that I'd like to live in Wisconsin? isn't one of those days! Sorry Mom and Dad...

Hope you all are having as nice a day as we are :)

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Looks like you guys had a great time! We've never been there but will be making a trip soon after seeing your fun pictures. :)


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