No Deep Thought Going On Around Here...

Hi friends! I'm feeling like a pretty lame blogger lately. It seems to have dropped pretty low on my priority list during the past couple of days. Funny how cranky kids can turn your days upside down!

Hubby's working lots and is unavailable to be his usually helpful self. Thomas is pushing his first 2 teeth through, and is not enjoying the experience one little bit (neither am I!), and Samantha is ALSO pushing two of her 2 year molars through. Poor kiddo. She keeps sticking out her tongue and saying "Owie, Mama" with a pittiful little voice. My older kids...well, I'm afraid they're just getting yelled at a lot because I'm totally exhausted from carrying the little ones around all day. I'm not exactly in the running for the "Mom of the year" award lately.

I don't mean to complain...just wanted to explain my absence as of late. I had to laugh when I opened this page and saw my own smiling face on the sidebar...I though "who is THAT?!" If Oprah is looking for a poster woman for her newly coined term "schlump-a-dinka" THAT I might win!

If anyone wants to turn me over to the "What Not To Wear" folks...I'll glady endure the humiliation to get a new wardrobe and makeover! Turn me over, please!

No? Well, then just send out a prayer or two for me and my little ones if you don't mind. Something tells me that would even be better...

Becky Avella  – (2/21/2008 10:18:00 PM)  

I daydream often about the "What Not to Wear" crew showing up someday. Maybe I can claim that that is why I continue in my schlump-a-dinka ways, so I'll qualify for the show. By the way, you so don't qualify for "schlump-a-dinka" status.

Theresa  – (2/22/2008 02:37:00 PM)  

Hey, you might have to move over for that Mom of the Year award. I almost gave my little guy a spankling yesterday. But I have a rule that if you are sick, you can't get in trouble. Poor little man has been sick for 5 days now. I stopped at the new site, like I promise, and look you are back here! I am getting some exercise today. Stop by for a visit. Michelle is having a Birth story contest that you might be interested in.

I feel for the little ones.

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