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…That I’ve been spending a little too much time on my computer? I’ve been spending every spare moment getting transferred over to this new location - it’s so much fun to play with all the settings and learning about what’s available to me…but my housework and family time have suffered, I’m afraid.

I felt a tad guilty all weekend as I saw the condition of the house…sliding…sliding…sliding down hill. The laundry. The dishes. The clutter. Oh my. If not for Hubby stepping up and doing even more work than HE is used to doing around here (which is typically a lot!)…well, the authorities would have come by to condemn our deplorable living conditions, I’m sure of it.

It really hit me last night though, as I was working on the computer about 1/2 hour after my hubby went to bed… and I got my first comment at my new site…from my hubby. Yes, he was reminding me to call about the kids’ karate from his phone…in our bed…in the other room…just across the living room from me. It was a pretty strong hint to




DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT CHECKING EMAIL, OR I’LL HAVE TO…oh, I don’t know. You get the idea.

This stuff is addictive! I don’t know what it is!? Is it the fact that I can sit and ‘talk’ for pretty much as long as I want…and no one will interrupt me with, “Mom! Mom! Can I? I know you said no, but can I please? Please, just this once?”

“Oh, fine. Do it. Go have your 15th piece of candy even though you didn’t eat the perfectly nutritious McDonald’s lunch I bought you. And sure…go ride your bike in the street. Maybe you could try juggling some kitchen knives while you’re at it.”

Or maybe it’s so addictive because it’s MY little space. I can play with it, organize it, plan it out…just the way I like it. And I won’t turn around to find a pair of dirty socks or half eaten cracker sitting in the middle of it just moments after I get it the way I like it.

Or it could be that it feels almost like a real-live adult conversation? For this brain of mine…that used to be quite sharp, but hasn’t really done much of anything recently but calculate the unit price of diapers…well, adult conversation is about as valuable as gold!

Well, that’s enough rambling from me today. At least for now. At least for the next 10 minutes. OK, maybe 5. OK, maybe just long enough for me to go call about karate…

Anonymous –   – (2/20/2008 01:41:00 PM)  


Sounds like you are feeling a little overwhelmed! As much as I love your blog please take care of yourself and your family first.


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