Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress???

Hey- I've had two interesting comments to my last post about leaving Blogger, so I thought I'd elaborate a tad.

I love the site that Alicia referred me to. I think I'll add it to my list of regulars to visit, in fact. It's - check it out! I mostly like it for it's content and honesty (keep writing's a blessing!). I also like it for how it's organized and easy to navigate (as Alicia said). I also think that Wordpress is free (or can be). Shoulda checked that one out I guess. The only input I'd ever heard about WP is that, although it looks really great for the reader, it's not all that simple or intuitive for the blogger to use. That's why I didn't go with WP.

I went with Typepad because...well, I have to pay for it, and we all know that the best things in life cost money, right? Just kidding. But...not really! I must admit...that very warped belief is somewhere deep in my heart. Maybe that's a post for another day...

The real reason I went with Typepad is that most of the blogs that I really love to read, have the best "look" to them, and the easiest navigation...they're all Typepad blogs. Maybe that has more to do with the blogger than the which case, I just wasted a bunch of money. But maybe, just maybe, a better "look" will satisfy me. I've been so frustrated with blogging lately. Can't really put my finger on why. Probably has more to do with trying to impress my "cyber friends" instead of pleasing God...hmmm...another post?

Is it hard to swith? It was a process, that's true. But Typepad gave very clear and detailed instructions, so it wasn't too bad. Aside from losing some of my comments associated with my posts, it seems everything went smoothly (I'm thankful the pictures transferred).

The easier you do it, the better. I now have over 100 posts that seem to be formatted strangely. I also would like to reorganize my categories. And I'll have to go out and get all my little widgets again too. Like I said, if you're looking to it sooner than later.

Happy blogging!

P.S. I've given up on spell checking my posts because it's such a hassle. Please forgive...

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The minute you start feeling like you're posting to please is the minute it's not fun any more. So relax, post when you feel and when you feel inspired and the fun will start again. I know how you feel, I've had a blog for 7 years and I've been in a slump for the last while.
Also, if you use Firefox/Mozilla it has a built in spell checker for web input. I REALLY like that aspect =)
Be well!

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