An Addition To Our Family

Ha! Mom, honest. Did you heart stop for just a moment?

No. I am not "in the family way".

But I did just sign up to sponsor a Compassion child.

Her name is Ikoit Gabdesia. She's Clara's age: 5. She lives in Uganda, and is one of 8 children. She and her siblings live with her unemployed father. She is also so very beautiful! I was looking for a girl Clara's age, so I had Clara help me choose. All those beautiful faces staring at me...I just couldn't pick! Clara didn't hesitate a bit. Ikoit, it is :)

So why did I do this? Why now, when money is tight and we have our own 4 kids to support?

Well, go read Shannon's Africa posts at her blog, Rocks In My Dryer, and you might understand. Something about her trip and the way it impacted her...just made it more real for me too. I wanted to do something to help.

I also trust Shannon. She saw the difference that Compassion sponsorship made in those kids' lives. I believe that my money is going to a sweet 5 year old little girl, not into a giant "help the kids" slush fund.

And frankly, after looking at some of the pictures Shannon posted, I'm ashamed to even use the phrase "money is tight".

I'm excited! I'm excited to have taken a step...a small one... but a step all the same to DO something about the unspeakable mess in Africa right now. I'm excited to get to know this little girl. I'm excited to see her grow, and hopefully go to school with our help.

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