Here's a picture of Thomas in the play saucer for the very first time! I can't...can NOT...believe that he's big enough to be in that thing already! He enjoyed it, but it got to be a little much after a while. I thought it was cute how he sat way back in the seat, knees locked, and just looked around wide-eyed. Man, I love that little guy!
Please ignore that state of my office in the background. It's quite the sight. I just noticed something though...see that brown moving box in the upper right? That is actually a real, live moving box. As in, we used it when we moved into this house A YEAR AND A HALF AGO! It's the last hold-out. When I finally find a home for the junk in that box, we will officially live here.

To be honest, I'm not really feeling much like putting up a post today. I entertained the idea of taking the weekend off. I think I'm burned out from the 100th post thing!

By the way, I have that whole thing figured out. Listing 100 things about yourself on your 100th post has nothing to do with sharing info about yourself. I think, instead, that it's more of a rite of passage...a test. Many a sad blogger gets so fried by doing the list that they never blog again. Others rise up and carry on. I will not be defeated!

And besides, you should know by now that I can't keep my mouth shut about much of anything. Who else is going to listen to me if I don't have the blogging world? So you're stuck with me. Learn to live with it. (that's what I always tell my husband...and he breathes a giant woeful sigh and rolls his eyes too!)

So what's going on out there this weekend? It's pretty quiet around here. Once again, it's Saturday afternoon...nearing 2 PM...and I have yet to but real person clothes on or any hint of makeup. Ah, such are Saturdays.

To be honest, I live for the weekends but usually end up antsy and frustrated. I think I'm out of my element when I don't have my daily routine of...not doing anything and not having my husband around to see me doing it. I kid (sorta). Seriously, I do miss the routine of the weekday. I, of course, love the time with my wonderful hubby too. It's just tough to juggle what he wants to do, what I want to do, what the kids want to do, and what needs to get done.

Sometimes I enjoy the anticipation of the weekend even more than the actual weekend!

Hey, I'm not really complaining (does it sound like I am?). I'm just trying to get back into the swing of writing about absolutely nothing and seeing if you all stick around to listen to me. Is it working?

Really...I enjoy our family time. I enjoy staying in my jammies all day. I enjoy letting the housework slide a bit. I love that the kids and their Daddy enjoy each other so much. But yeah...I also enjoy getting back at it on Monday.

Tune in Monday to hear me complain about how much work Mondays are, about how I wish my husband could be home more, and about how I can't wait for Friday!
Maybe I wouldn't be so ornery if I would just go shower and get dressed already. I'm going to go give it a shot...

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