We Made It (Yawn!)

Well, Sammy screamed her head off for about 3 hours at bed time. We were trying to be really firm and consistent, but the last time I went up there Sammy said (through sobs), "Mama, me hold." Ugh. I just couldn't NOT help her.

I didn't hold her - made her get in her bed - but I did sing to her, rub her back, and give her kisses until she was able to calm down. Once she was calm, she went right to sleep.

She woke twice in the night, but went down relatively easily.

We'll see what happens at nap time this afternoon. With a late night last night, a tough nap this afternoon, church (which is always trying for her), and friends' house after church for another late night. Well, we'll just have to see how tonight goes.

But we are certainly not digging those mimis out of the garbage now! Hopefully, we're over the worst of it. It just broke my heart to hear her so upset last night...I have such a soft spot for that little girl. Thanks for your prayers.

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