Quick Tip: Making an OJ Bomb!

I know you've all been searching for the secret to making a bomb out of orange juice, right? (Now watch, I'll be on some government watch list for making a homemade bomb after this post!).

Well, here's how you do it...

1. Take a container of frozen OJ concentrate out of the freezer.
2. Place it on the edge of your sink to defrost it.
3. Forget about it for about 5 days.
4. Watch while it defrosts...warms up...and then ferments a little bit.

The container won't be able to contain the expanding (and very sticky) goo any longer, and at some random moment... KAPOW!!! You have orange juice everywhere, including the floor, the rug, the cabinets, the fridge (about 6 feet away), the ceiling, the mail, the plant by the sink...and you (because if you're anything like me, you'll be standing there innocently looking through the mail when you hear the giant "POP" noise and wonder why you're suddenly orange and sticky).

Added benefit to this project: it provides quality and wholesome entertainment for the kids. I promise...they'll laugh hysterically while you clean yourself and the kitchen up (and whisper a few choice words under your breath!).

Anonymous –   – (1/11/2008 03:58:00 PM)  

Oh no! I can definitely think of the choice words I would mutter at such a moment!


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