One Minor Problem With Our "Cash" System...

Is that our finances are in much greater danger when I have an air-head moment and leave my purse in the cart at Rite Aid!

I just got a phone call from the manager, who was telling me that my purse will be in their safe until I get down there to pick it up.

What can I say...I was looking for a good coupon deal when Sammy squatted down in the middle of the store and said "poopies, mama". I boogied on out of there fast because she hadn't yet...gotten down to business...and I really wanted to get home before she did. Urging (Ha!) a 2 year old to hurry out to the car while carrying a baby in a car seat across the slippery parking lot in a snow storm apparently doesn't lend itself very well to remembering to grab the purse on the way out.

I'll let you know if anything was missing. I might have to take up a grocery money collection if I was cleaned out :)

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