No, GOD is in the Details

Having this new camera reminds me of how I feel closer to God when I'm taking pictures. There's just something about intentionally looking for beauty everywhere I go that makes me feel like He's right here...and He is!

I look at the drops on my shower door, and I think "The God who made me, knows every detail of that drop...every molecule...every color...even the precise moment it will become too heavy and will go sliding down the door."

I look at the petals of a flower, and I think "It's so incredibly delicate and soft and beautiful. I wonder if that's what God thought when he made me!"

I look at the soft peach fuzz on my baby's head, and I think "God knows exactly how many hairs he has. He composed the color and texture. He even knows when each individual hair will some day fall out. This baby of mine was hand crafted by a true artist." I feel so honored and privileged to be entrusted with this precious piece of art!

So today...thank you, Lord. Thank you for beauty in the smallest of places. Thank you for whispering in my ear "That's ME" when I see something really stunning. Thank you for being in the details of my life.

LIESL  – (1/09/2008 06:44:00 PM)  

your blog is beautiful! i recently got a new camera, nothing too fancy, but wow, i love getting those shots of people that don't realise you're taking pictures.... and yes, my Dad is in the details too. He is just awesome! i also love taking close-ups of things that are made by God. i love that shot of the fly!

liesl kruger

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