My 4 Year Old Is TOO Honest

My 4 year old daughter just came and said, "Mommy, when Thomas wakes up from his nap and you change clothes, then we can go to the store right?"

"Yes...hey, wait, why do I have to change clothes?"

"Well, that looks cozy, but you can't wear it."

"Why not?"

"You just can't. Not to go to the store."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you need to look...nice."


And I thought I was all ready to go! Looks like I'd better go change clothes. Have I been so "mommyized" that I can't even tell when I'm not dressed appropriately to leave the house? What else don't I see? What IS there to see?

I'm quite certain that I have glorious locks of blond hair, only one chin, no wrinkles, and a perfect back side even though I've had 4 kids...RIGHT?

(Dear Hubby: this is your chance to comment and say "of course, you hot steamy mama!" I'll choose to believe you. Please. Pretty Please. With sugar on top.)

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If this were not a 'G' Rated site, I could comment here. However, I'll reserve my comments for home.
-Dear Hubby

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