Just One Way: Part 2

You know, the more I think about this "buckled in God's car" analogy, the more I like it! I'm seeing more and more clearly just how God is a more patient and gracious parent than I am. Why do I say that? We'll, because God actually DOES let us kids decide which way to go! Here's what I mean:

It’s a well known fact that God has given us free will, right? We not only get to choose for ourselves if we “get in the car” or not, but we can also decide to go our own way even after we’re buckled in (bear with me here…I’m thinking as I go).

Best case scenario: we decide to get in the car, and we say “OK, Lord, you’re the boss and you know best. You just drive this car wherever and however you want to. I’m just looking forward to the drive. By the way, thanks for the ride. I really didn’t deserve it with the way I’ve been acting!” This scenario reminds me a lot of coming to Him like a child…with complete trust and openness. It also reminds me of the Lord ’s Prayer…”Thy will be done”.

But what usually happens? Usually, somewhere along the way, the ride gets a little too bumpy, slow, fast, scary, etc. You fill in the adjective! And what do we do? Instead of continuing to trust that He knows what he’s doing, we say, “OK, I’ll take it from here! You listen to me…this is the way we’re going to go.” And then we proceed to pitch a fit. Out of respect for our promised free will, God follows our roundabout instructions. We drive in circles. We get lost. We do not get closer to our destination. We make no useful progress at all. But God is still there, waiting for us to say “Well, turns out I didn’t know how to get there after all. You can drive now.” He just smiles…and drives us back on track.

Keep in mind that this driving in circles…over the same pot holes, the same speed bumps, the same dirt roads, the same flat tires and engine trouble…this can go on for years and years! And God is still there patiently loving us. He lets us experience those pot holes and speed bumps, but He’s there all the same. We’re not where he wants us to be, but He’s there all the same. He’s there the whole time, just waiting for us to hand over control of that steering wheel again.

Now THAT is patience! That is grace. That is love.

What if I actually, literally let my kids give me directions while we’re driving? What would happen? I tell them that we’re headed somewhere they want to go, say McDonald’s. They sit in the back seat and give me turn by turn directions. Wait…I need a different location. I’m pretty sure my kids could give me directions to McD’s with their eyes closed.

OK, let’s say…the park across town. They give me directions. We drive in circles for hours, and they get more and more impatient and hungry for the picnic lunch I’ve packed. They finally decide that they just want me to drive them to the park. What next?

They sit back in their seats…and relax. They have peace. They have relief that it’s not up to them anymore. They’re thankful for me and my patience and, most of all, for my ability to get them to that park. They enjoy the ride. And next time when they think about trying to take over the steering wheel, they remember how difficult and fruitless it was. Next time they think twice, and in the end they just let me do the driving.

Turns out God is patient, gracious, loving, AND wise. Sure glad I'm His kid!

Hilty Sprouts  – (1/16/2008 11:06:00 PM)  

Good stuff Daiq, good stuff!
I totally relate to reacting like a 2 year old. I'm pretty good at it actually! Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to grow up and let "Jesus Take the Wheel" like the song says.


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