The Joy Of Green Play Dough

It turns out that making play dough is really therapeutic! We had lots of fun making it just the right shade of minty green and kneading the flour in at the end. I was really wanting to use my new Kitchen Aid stand mixer...but letting the kids help won out. Oh well. I just love dough...bread's so soft and squishy!

Oh, and I took note of a few recipe tips that I didn't write in my original play dough post. First of all, vegetable oil works very well if you don't have olive oil (I didn't have olive oil today). This is good to know since vegetable oil is SO much cheaper. Also, I usually use MUCH more flour than the recipe calls for. Keep this in mind if you're going to try the recipe.

Benjamin cracked me up today. He was helping with play dough for a while, but the decided to work on his little kindergarten workbook. When daddy asked him if he was going to help with play dough anymore, Ben said, "No daddy. I am not. Making play dough is fun, but it's not as important as getting into cowwege." (college, for those of you who don't know Ben-ese) Ha! Sometimes I just don't know where he gets that stuff!

Here are some pics from our fun project:

Amy L Brooke  – (1/19/2008 08:31:00 PM)  

Love the pics. Stopped over from Lysa's. Just visiting everyone. Have a great day.

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