Extra What?

I can hear my mom saying "Awwww" right now! She loves this dog.

I took this cute picture of one of our dogs a couple of days ago. She was feeling playful, and had the snow on her nose to prove it. We're dog people. We're not the kind of dog people we once were...I'm the first to admit that our dogs took a serious tumble down to the bottom of the totem pole around here when we had children. But we still love 'em.

This one is named Extra. Strange name, eh? She showed up at one of my sisters' houses as a stray. My sister was headed outside to feed the 4 dogs they already had, and commented that they had an "extra dog". My niece (then about 2 years old), said "Extra?!" The name just stuck.

Tiff now admits that they would have kept her, but didn't really want another dog. Her husband, the punk, told me that they were going to take her to the pound since they couldn't find the owners. He knew how to get me to take her home with me! My goal was to just clean her up and find her a good home...but then I fell in love! She's so soft, and sweet, and smart. She knew how to walk on a lead, go to her crate, sit, stay, play ball...the works. And she's really gentle too. Just an all around good dog.

I like the name 'Extra'...she's the extra dog. She also brings extra kisses (although with what she likes to eat, believe me, you don't want any kisses from her)...extra poop in the yard...extra dog hair all over the house...buy yeah, extra love too. I like our kids growing up with a dog like her.

I'll tell you about Bailey (our other dog) later.

Anonymous –   – (1/16/2008 08:52:00 PM)  

Your right I love that "EXTRA" dog!
I look so forward to reading your blog I must have checked the computer 3 or 4 times today. Another thing I think I act like I know whats best and dont always listen to Gods directions-quess I need to be quiet and just listen.


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