A Couple of New Blog Features

I added a few new features to this little space of mine. You can find them both on my right sidebar:

1. A Wish List. For those of you who are looking for gift ideas for me...just kidding! It's really just a way for me to keep sight of what I'm saving for. If I'm reminded daily of what I'm trying to save my money for, maybe I'll be less likely to blow it all on Big Macs and chocolate!
2. A "Who Am I" statement. It was bothering me that this blog didn't seem to have any sort of definition or direction. I know...I'm too organized for my own good. Hey, at least I didn't link you to a spreadsheet listing my life's goals! I'm considering organizing my posts into some sort of categories based on my "Who Am I" statement...I'll have to put some more thought into that.

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