Change To My Wish List

We woke to a couple of inches of excellent sledding snow this morning. See my friend, Becky's, blog for more fun sledding pictures. So fast and fun!

I finally broke down and spent the $50 on a Photoshop Book by guru Scott Kelby. I've been wanting one for a long time, but was too cheap to buy the book. I finally got frustrated enough while trying to figure stuff out by myself. My wish list has been updated to show that I bought the book...feels good to save for something and be able to buy it with cash.

Here's a frugal idea for you: don't forget to ask for a discount. I'm not very good at this - too shy about it. But when I went to buy my book today, I noticed that the edges of the book were a bit beat up. I mentioned it to the cashier, and she offered me 10% off. Saved me $5!

One of the most exciting things he talks about in his book is how to digitally and visually copyright protect one's photos. They're still not 100% safe, but they're safer than without it. Maybe I think too highly of my photos? Sorry 'bout that. What I'd really like to do though, is to figure out a way to sell my photos on line. It's tough to do that if they're basically sitting out there for anyone to take for free.

We had great progress with Samantha today. She actually took a NAP this afternoon (and no, we did not dig mimi out of the garbage can!). What a relief!

Well, Luke is kicking me off the computer so that he can pay some bills. Grrr. Bills schmills.

Misty  – (1/21/2008 10:28:00 AM)  

your photos look so fun! And the book sounds great! I have been looking for a good one so thanks for the tip!

Anonymous –   – (1/21/2008 10:55:00 PM)  

I've seen a lot of people use watermarks on their pictures so that they can't be copied and distributed. I'm happy that you got that book, I've been dying to figure out how to photoshop my pictures to play up the good parts. Have fun!

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