My New Best Friend!

My glue gun and I have become best buds lately! I've had so much fun decorating my house for Christmas using cuttings from our tree along with ribbon and used floral stuff I had in my craft room.

My first project was in our small bathroom - the bathroom that gets the most use when we have guests. I already have a wreath hanging in there - just small white flowers. I took it down and stuck pine branches and acorns in it. I didn't glue anything here because I want to be able to take it down after the holiday. I did glue together a little arrangement to spruce up the towels though. I was just hoping to make it look nice without spending any added perk was how fresh it smells in that room with all the pine. Now, to just figure out how to help it survive with 3 little ones (not including their friends) using that bathroom every day!

(Sorry for the dark photos...light was just bad. I'll figure out PhotoShop one of these days!)

My second project was to make plain gift bags a little more special. I love pretty packages, and I was especially proud of these. Again...just clippings from our tree, a little ribbon, an occasional pine cone from my floral bin...and of course, glue!

Lylah Ledner  – (12/16/2007 09:40:00 PM)  

Greetings! What beautiful pictures, wonderful and warm blog and great ideas for your towels.

And, thanks for linking money making mamas on your blog list :-)

i really appreciate it. blessings...and merry christmas

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