Joy in the Simple Stuff

Today I'm choosing to take joy in the simple stuff. Here's a bit of what brings a smile to my face today:

- Waking up and realizing that Thomas woke to eat only 2 times during the night. I feel pretty darn good!
- Samantha spontaneously starting up in song..."Yeeyah ob me" (Jesus loves me)
- Getting to take a long hot shower with no screaming kids! Samantha in her bouncer with a snack and Thomas in his seat watching Samantha bounce.
- Leaving the house in plenty of time to pick up Clara from school without hurrying (I'm so tired of hurrying!).
- The little rolls of fat on Thomas' thighs (weighed him at 14 lb 12 oz the other day!)
- Two words: coconut macaroons (with chocolate on top, thank you very much!)
- Clara's words when I picked her up from school today, "Mommy I had a good day!"
- Pulling into the driveway and hearing Samantha's sweet voice say "Home tweet home"
- Big, puffy winter coats. It feels so good to have a nice warm and cozy coat for each of my kids.
- The look on Benjamin's face as he runs to me after getting off the school bus.
- The little purring noises that Thomas makes when he's snuggled just right and is really cozy and sleepy.
- Weighing my Christmas cards and the post office and realizing that they'll take a normal stamp. I thought for SURE I'd need to spend a fortune of postage!
- Finally getting my header fixed (my header, people...not my head...that will take a bit longer, I'm afraid!)

I'm sure I'll have more later. Right now I'm off to make some lunch...

Angie  – (12/17/2007 05:29:00 PM)  

I am so glad that you are blogging!! I am Becky's sister-in-law and I have heard so much about your family. I feel like we must going through the same things in life. I also have 4 kids with my oldest soon to be 6. I have just started my blog as well if you would like to see. I've only posted once so it's not too exciting yet. Hopefully I will get good about posting. Anyway, I just wanted to say how awesome it was to finally see your sweet family!

Anonymous –   – (12/17/2007 06:16:00 PM)  


I love hearing from you every day.Seems like you had a wonderful day-arent kids the greatest!


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