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Hey everyone! I've talked to a few people who said that they left comments, but they never appeared on my blog. I thought it might be a good idea to briefly describe just how to leave one.

1. Click on the #comment link below the post that you'd like to comment on i.e. 0 comments, 1 comment, etc.
2. Type your comment in the text box that pops up.
3. Click how you would like to be identified. You have to click one of the 3 (?) choices. If in doubt, click on the circle to the left of "anonymous".
4. Click on the "Publish Your Comment" button at the bottom of the window to leave your comment.

I love to hear from comment away!

Anonymous –   – (12/14/2007 10:49:00 AM)  

second try; this coming from a guy who's still used to walking out to the (empty)mailbox to receive letters from his kids...just kidding.

great idea, and nice way to keep us up to speed.

can't wait to be there in two weeks. love, dad.

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