Love Who?

Jesus: "love your neighbor as yourself"

Spirit of religion: "You're an unlovable wretched sinner"
Several years ago, I was exercising to a song called "I love me" (Megan Trainor I think). As I be-bopped along to the catchy tune I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, "Do you?"
I literally stopped in my tracks.
"Is this song evil, Lord? Should I not be listening to it? Am I even supposed to love myself? That feels/sounds arrogant."
His reply... "Well maybe I should change the command to say 'love others more than yourself' then" with a wink and a smile
All at once His truth washed over me...the assumption in the command to love others as myself is that OF COURSE I love myself.
If I can't follow this most basic command because I've learned to "humble" myself to the point of loathing can I expect to be of any use at all for the Lord's purposes?
Have you noticed how the enemy uses truth, and twists it just a smidge? It still SEEMS true...but it only RESEMBLES truth.
Resembling truth is not the same as BEING truth.
This is one of those times. Humility makes sense and is proper before a holy God.
But that doesn't mean we spend our lives beating ourselves up and constantly being in grief about our sin.
Our thoughts about ourselves should reflect God's thoughts about ourselves. We are called to have the mind of Christ. So what does He say about you?
You're forgiven
You're loved
You're seating in the heavenlies
You're a friend of His
You're adored
You're a delight
You have purpose and calling
You have spiritual gifts
You're useful
You were saved, healed, and delivered
You are free
You have all you need
You are protected
You are adopted and fully accepted
You are able and welcome to enter the presence of God any time
I could go on and on and on...the Word is FILLED with beautiful revelations of what Jesus purchased for us on that wretched cross!
If you feel at all less than what God says about you, then friend...I lovingly say to've fallen for a lie.
You have a real enemy who steals and kills and destroys. If you're living hurt and defeated and lost, then the enemy has stolen something from you.
As a believer, you have the authority to take it back. TAKE IT BACK!
Love yourself
Love yourself like God loves you
Get healed and whole and restored
THEN you can love others as you love yourself...and you'll love them well!


It's a Holy Hunger


I had the strangest experience this past week - I’ve been chewing on it for several days.
There was a single day when it felt like something was seriously “off” in my body. I woke up ravenously hungry, so I had a big breakfast with eggs and veggies and fresh bread.
20 minutes later…STARVING again!
This pattern would last all day. I’ll spare you the details of everything I ate in an attempt to fill the black hole that had apparently appeared in the middle of me.
The feeling of hunger was absolutely insatiable.
It was teetering on the edge of painful.
I just felt like I wanted to curl myself in the fetal position and just…cry. Nothing filled. It was a desperate and deeply physical feeling.
I went to bed hungry and longing despite my very best efforts to fill my belly with (a LOT) of water and nutritious food.
When I woke the next morning…ahhh…sweet relief! The terrible hunger was finally gone!
As I sipped coffee and read the Word that morning, some words popped off the page and me, and the Lord taught me a bit about His heart…
As I read, Luke 14 came to life in a great way, BUT I felt that hunger growing in me again!
Just as I was about to be dismayed and concerned, I came to the place where the man who prepared the banquet said “SO THAT MY HOUSE MAY BE FILLED”, and the voice of the Lord filled my mind…
All at once, I realized that God had answered one of my recent prayers…a prayer that He would give me His heart for His people
The Lord longs to have His house filled.
In the physical, I experienced something near pain and desperation.
Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing desperate in God. He isn’t frantically looking around for a way to fill like I was.
But this I know more than ever… God’s heart for His children is impossibly deep and wide. The longing He has for our hearts is total.
You are loved
You are wanted
He has prepared and planned goodness for you
If God had allowed me to actually carry and experience the fullness of His longing for His children in my body…I think an actual literal black hole would have appeared in my belly! There is simply nothing in the physical realm that can reflect the trueness and goodness of His deep longing and love.
And then last night at our church’s encounter night, I started crying on the drive there (my poor husband 😂). And as worship started, I was inconsolable. Again, I felt insatiable and empty and hungry. SO very hungry way down deep in my soul.
The Father’s heart cries out to His children with a loving desire for them…for all of them…for every part of us to surrender.
There can be no withholding. There can be no excuses. There can be no business deal or relationship or little corner of our lives that can keep us from Him. We must abandon all…ALL… for the treasure of His heart. To abandon all is not a call to poverty. It’s a call to SURRENDER.
As I type, I feel my very spirit trembling within me.
His voice
His heart
His power
He will not be denied a full house.
Come on in, friends.
You’re invited 💕




It's something that's been shifting a little bit for me lately.

"Shifting" is an interesting word that just flew on the page...made me realize that parts of my identity have been built on sinking sand instead of the Rock that never moves. Let it shift, Lord. Shift right out from under me until my feet land on the Rock.

Business Builder

Some parts of me are firmly on the Rock...others are shaking a bit. It's wine needs new wine skin.

But have you noticed how the shift from one wineskin to the next is a vulnerable and sometimes painful feeling?

Like being momentarily skinned alive, even?!

The vulnerable uncertain in-between feels raw and naked and tender.

But then, the excitement of settling in a new home...a new skin with more stretching capacity than the old. The new skin feels like POTENTIAL.

Change is in the air. I don't know exactly what's coming, but God's given me clues in dreams and words and visions... Things that have been confirmed by others who seek Him. We're in a season of being "established"....but seasons change... ARE changing.

As for me and my role/identity?

🌸This body is for the Lord (1 Cor 6:13)

🌸THIS is the time for which I was created.

🌸I am anointed and sealed by God

🌸I am a blood-washed, Spirit filled DAUGHTER of the King Most High.

🌸I am His and He is mine.

I really don't need to know more than that 💕


Have You Forgotten?


Have you forgotten?

If you believe that God is holding your past against you or looking on you with disapproval or might have forgotten that God pardons through Jesus.

If you believe that God gave you sickness to "teach you a lesson" or to "refine your character" might have forgotten that God is your healer.

If you believe you're "too far gone" might have forgotten God's power to redeem all that's been lost.

If you believe God is waiting for you to mess up so He can crush you with His vengeance.... you might have forgotten that that God tenderly crowns you in his love, kindness, mercy, and compassion. He's a good Father.

If you believe God expects you to live in poverty and lack and might have forgotten that God satisfies you with good things and renews you.

Ask Him, friends. Ask Him simply, "Lord, do I believe a lie about you?" And then listen as He gently replies.

If He points out a lie (hint: it's probably linked to an area of your life where you feel stressed or fearful), then ask "Lord, please show me the TRUTH to replace this lie."

Let Him renew you in the TRUTH of Who He IS 💕

The truth of Who He is? It'll set you FREE like you've never known freedom 🔥🙌🏼


Get Your Hopes UP!

Get Your Hopes UP! I saw literal miracles this past weekend...

Friends, I say this with gentleness, love, and compassion because I used to be president of "The Skeptics Club" ;-)

I used to think that, for some reason, God chose to stop being the same type of God as described in the Bible.

I used to think that the miracles in the Old Testament were probably more illustrative than literal...or, at the very least, they had stopped happening because God's purpose had been fulfilled.

And the miracles of the New Testament? Well, I at least believed they were literal....but I sure thought they were just for "that season" and weren't happening anymore.

And then one fateful day, I cried out to God "Please, PLEASE show me the real YOU. I have to know who You really ARE no matter what it costs me!"

Suddenly, the Bible came to life in a fresh way. It would take a bit longer for some of my skepticism to drop off to the point where I was willing and able to consider the idea that God was AND STILL IS doing the miraculous.

The world, "diagnoses", aches and pains...the things of the flesh are very noisy and convincing. Would I be willing to believe God's Word even over all the "evidence" in the flesh??

🌟 Friends, I'm here to testify: God IS still doing the miraculous!

In the past 2 weeks I've seen 4 miraculous healings of people's bodies first hand. A shoulder, a back, and 2 knees (two different people).

And that's just what I've seen with my own eyes! I've received feedback forms from a couple other people who were prayed for at our woman had pain in her hand that "disappeared", and the other had been deaf in one of her ears for several years and God popped that thing right open...good as new!

He WILL BE...always...OUR HEALER

♥️ I get's scary to allow yourself to hope when you haven't seen it with your own eyes. But the Bible calls us walk by faith, NOT by sight. Are you willing to take a chance on hope? Are you willing to take a chance on God and His unfailing Word?

I hope you are. I hope you're willing to get your hopes up.

Hopeful is a really wonderful way to live 💕


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