The Big Launch

My new R+F business has been a constant test of my faith -- on the one hand, it seems like an obvious opportunity to jump on.  On the other, it seems too good to be true.  I step out each faith.  This is where I am.  This is what I have.  I know I'm His.  I know I'm in His this is what I'll do.

Each little (and not so little) milestone along the way makes this business more solid...more real.

My first customer.
My first partner.
Realizing that I love this "work" (doesn't feel like work at all!).
My first paycheck.
My second partner.
Customers contacting ME to thank me for the incredible product that they love!
My third partner.
My second, bigger paycheck.

This thing is working!  This is not too good to be's incredibly good (great!), AND it's also very real.

Nothing solidified it's reality more firmly in my head than a recent business trip.  MY business trip.  My BUSINESS trip.  My business TRIP.  No matter how I said it, it just didn't feel right.  Didn't feel possible.  It left me thinking, 'whose life is this?!'.

I bought some new clothes.  I packed my bag.  I got on the plane...and I didn't have a single packet of fruit snacks or anyone's spare set of undies in my carry-on "just in case".  Will wonders never cease?

As I looked out on the Chicago horizon as we came in for a landing, the fact that I am building a business that's all my own, for MY family, really began to sink in.  The plane was headed gently toward the ground, but my dreams began to really take flight in that moment.

The reason for my trip was to help one of my new partners with her Business Launch celebration.  The trip was a success, and we got lots done:  we held two events to get the word out about her new business and our incredible products, I realized that my new partner is absolutely made for this type of work (check out the beautiful product display she set up before I even brushed my teeth that morning!), I got to know her and her family better, and I hope she learned that I'm invested in her success.

Her goal is to build a solid financial future for her family while working from home so she can be with her new daughter...and to look into her precious babe's smiling eyes...Jenny's goal became my goal too.

As we sat up late one night chatting and drinking wine together, I also made a life-long friend.  As we've said from the beginning of our partnership, this is a "God thing", and He made His presence known in our hearts that night. 

 As I flew back home to my family after those whirlwind couple of days, I realized that the trip was about more than Jenny's Business Launch.  It was OUR launch. My launch.

This product is changing skin.
This business is changing lives.

This business is changing me, and I can hardly keep my feet on the ground!

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the LORD, 
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, 
plans to give you a hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11


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