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Many thanks to those of you who took the time to drop me a line of encouragement after my last post - I have such wonderful friends!

I've decided to do it!  I've started a new business.  I believe in this product.  I believe in the folks who developed this product (the same people who developed Proactiv!).  I believe in the integrity and reputation of this company.  And now I'm a part of it!  I feel so excited and blessed!

The bottom line for me was realizing that I have an incredible amount to gain, and very little to lose.  Being one of the very first people to bring this amazing product to my city?  Huge!  And on top of that, I get a mean discount on great skin care care products that come with a bold empty-bottle-money-back guarantee to give me the best skin of my life.

Hmmm.  Now that I think about it, the decision seems so obvious :-)

I hereby promise that this blog will not become a giant advertisement for Rodan + Fields skin care products.  However...this is some really great stuff...both this business opportunity AND the product.  What kind of friend would I be to keep it to myself?  Just add R+F to the long list of other wonderful things I share with you like recipes, funny stories, craft ideas, and Jesus.

Seriously now...I don't want any angry comments accusing me of likening great skin to Jesus, okay?

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